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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  April 16, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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people were killedthon campus, life in some ways has gone on, today, marked the remembrance for campus both here in blacks burg but the larger virginia tech nation and the fansupporters of this community, that they have clung to over these past five years. here on this campus today, classes went ahead as normal, the first time in five years since the shootings took place the provost said they debated it for quite some time in consultation with the victims families but in his words he feels the virginia tech community is ready for this as you know, five years later many of the students have graduated and moved on here, many faculty remain, observances here have take on the form of both a communal one, remembrance and also an active one. there were several events that
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have thrown this community together, a run marking the events of the past few days, tonight, this will be culminated with bob mcdonald coming here to the parade grounds here center of the campus, taking part on the fifth anniversary celebration of the victims here and their memory, it was five years ago today, that cho took the lives of 32 people on this campus in some ways this campus has never really recovered from events of that day, time has marched on, norris hall the scene of much of the carnage is in use today now a center for peace and nonviolence, while a makeshift memorial that sprung up just days after the shootings themselves, has now been made a permanent one, 32 stones now surround a semi circle in front of the main campus building here that will be the center piece of the activity here tonight, also a final event, as
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the core of cadets here at virginia tech university, 32 minutes before midnight will stand their ground and launch a vigil on the site of those memorial stone that is will last until midnight officially concluding the fifth year anniversary. brian. >> tom fitzgerald. victims of gun violence from across the country rallied on capitol hill, 32 victims spoke outside the capitol to represent the 32 people killed by gun violence in america, every day. calling on congress to pass stricter gun laws. >> i suspect today somewhere in one of your hometowns one of your neighbourhoods, your neighbor your friend your colleague your child your uncle your aunt, is being murdered and gunned down by some body, who had easy access to a gun because they didn't under go a background check. >> people who spoke today all lost loved ones to gun violence including virginia tech and columbine.
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>> dc police investigating a shooting a 15-year-old was shot during an attempted robbery, police are looking for four men who approached the teen with a gun shooting him twice. the teen is in stable condition. >> congress kicked off a wave of hearings to investigate wasteful spending by general services administration they are accused of spending hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars on lavish las vegas conferencea week long trip to hawaii, nicole collins has details. jeff neily the man largely responsible for organizing an extravagant tax payer funded conference did not answer to fox 5 news or lawmakers. >> what was the original budget. >> i refuse to answer. >> the price tag was upwards of $120,000. neily was slammed and his wife saying they used tax payer
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money to bankroll their lavish lifestyle >> they disregarded one of the basic services, it is not your money it is taxpayer money. an inspector general report detailed the agencies out landish habits but neily is till on the payroll. the administrator resigned she told lawmakers the conference evolved into an arrogant, self- congratulatory event >> i deeply regret this i will mourn for the rest of my life the loss of my appointment. >> the inspector general said his investigation shows neily is a bully able to continue using taxpayer money inapropriety already for years because employees feared retaliation >> they had a very hostile environment, when someone spoke up they were quote, according to a witness, squashed like a
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bug, unquote. >> gsa inspector general says he is investigating possible bribery and kick backs in the agency. in washington nicole collins, fox news. another big story, jury selection continued in the trial of roger clemens. fox 5s. paul wagner with the story. >> reporter: when roger clemens left this courthouse nine months ago his feature was unknown to himself or anyone else that was working on his legal team they didn't know if the government was going to retry him but now he is back, and defending himself against claims he lied to congress, about steroid use the first trial ended in a miss trial, when prosecutors in the case play add portion of a video tape that the judge said was inadmissible. this is roger clemens, as he left the federal courthouse this afternoon after day one of
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jury selection the seven time cy young award winner is back to defend himself against charges he lied to congress about steroid use. the former yankee pitchers last trial came to an end after just two witnesses testified. this time around, the players remain the same with some big name additions, prosecutors told potential jury pools, the government might call as witnesses former major league sluggers barry bonds and jose canseco clemens who pitched for the red sox, blue jays and houston astros over 23 seasons, deny add 2007 report by former senator george mitchell he was one of 86 player who is used performance enhancing drugs. when congress announced its own investigation, clemens volunteered to appear. the star witness in this trial is likely going to be brian mcnamee is personal trainer of roger clemens he claimed he injected him with steroids and
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that he had kept the needles but there will also be high drama when andy petit comes to testify he just came out of retirement he will pitch for the yankees again and claims roger clemens admitted to him he used performance enhancing drugs. >> we will watch closely. paul wagner just ahead republicans showing resistance to president obamas buffett rule tax. mitt romney is making moves to find a running mate. >> hello brian looks like we jumped ahead another season temperatures upper 80s to near 90 we did hit 90 at baltimore that ties a record definitely feels like middle of june i will let you know how much longer it lasts but maybe the best place to be tonight is where there is some ice. we are excited for that home field advantage. >> absolutely i think about 50 degrees here in verizon center as we get ready for game three, game two came down to the final nick backstrom heroics, nick will talk again and we will
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news edge continues in the senate with a stand off over president obama's buffett rule tax, republicans had enough votes to block the measure, according to congressional tax analysts the plan would bring in $42 billion over the next decade compared to $7 trillion deficit, for the same period, during a press conference in colombia, president obama made a public push for the bill saying it is time to treat the wealthy and middle class fairly. >> if you make a million dollars a year or more you shouldn't pay a lower tax rate than your secretary that is not an argument about redistribution, that is an argument about growth. >> and the president himself admits this will not fix the problem with $15 trillion debt it is a drop in the budget, and
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what we really need instead of this distraction, attempted divide of americans along class lines is real tax reform >> late they are week house republicans will hold a vote, providing tax cuts for small businesses, expected to pass but fail in democratic control senate. the re-election campaign got a big boost, democratic national campaign raised $53 million more than they raised in february much of the money came to $250 or less. long time confident, beth meyers, who served as romney's chief of staff when he was massachusetts governor he has yet to officially wrap up the gop. just ahead, an emotional day in court for the man accused in
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the bomb and shooting massacre in norway. a rocking new endorsement from the red hot chilly peppers a man performed a free concert for those who worked on president obama's campaign, other famous rockers, foo fighters and mick jagger 
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the united nations is promising more sanctions against north korea, after last week's failed rocket launch. this will financial and travel restrictions on north korean officialbusinesses no idea who will be punished. the u.s. and allies believe they were trying to test a long range missile which could be
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used a nuclear weapon. the trial in norway finally beginning he admits to the bomb and sheeting massacre but pleaded not guilty to criminal charges he was acting in self- defense. >> after entering the courtroom with handcuffs on, he gives a salute and sits down the right wing fanatic rejecting authority of the court as it seeks to assign responsible for the july 22nd massacre. >> i do not recognize the norwegian court, you've got your mandate from political party that is support multi culturallism. >> he says the attacks were necessary to protect norway if being taken over by muslims. he claims he targeted the government head quarters in oslo and a labor party youth camp to strike against the left leaning political forces he blames for allowing immigration in norway. the suspect was stone faced as prosecutors read the inditement on terror and murder charges. but he suddenly became
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emotional, when prosecutors showed an anti muslim video he posted on youtube before the killing spree. >> he is not responding when they read the inditement, one and a half hour of terrible things he has done, but he was crying when his own movie was shown on the screen, and i think that is because he has his personality. >> reporter: a survivor says he wants the trial to be as ordinary as possible. >> he stated this is to gain attention i don't believe he should gain attention to it i don't want to give him that reward. >> during the 10 week trial the state of his mental health will determine whether he is sent to prison, or psychiatric care. if found mentally confident, he could face 21 years in prison or the sentence could be prolonged for as long as he is deemed a danger to society. in london greg burke fox news. day of celebration for the 150th anniversary of the dc emancipation act people lined
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to streets of pennsylvania avenue, april 16th, 1852 when abraham lincoln signed the act into law freeing over 3,000 people >> i very well could have been born in washington in the 1850s instead of 1950s like i was and i can just imagine right here on pennsylvania avenue, folks celebrating, like end of a nightmare, and being a washingtonian it hits home to me. >> the celebration continues this evening with a fireworks display downtown beginning at 8:30 p.m. looking at the radar looks like things will be just fine. >> going to be a beautiful night you know what is shocking is to think that we were only 150 years removed from slavery, isn't it, just seems so recent, crazy >> i am glad to have a beautiful day for that. nice night it will be a little less hot as the sun goes down but still perfect, the only thing i might mention, watch those fireworks because it is a bit breezy out there, but i do
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thing we will be in fine shape when it comes to rain there is a front coming, but unfortunately everything is drying up when i say unfortunately not because i want festivities to be wet but because we are so dry, that fire danger still remains really high across the region, but with any luck perhaps we are going to see things getting a little bet inner that department. -- better in that department. today upper 80s. 89 degrees regan national, dulles 88, bwi marshall, tieing the record at 90, goes back to 2002 the last time we had a day this hot and that is what today's records are from, 91 quantico, 88 degrees baltimore, 80 degrees frederick, even at this hour cooler air behind the front, 60s detroit, chicago, pittsburgh still 80, while we will see some of this heat departing a mild day in the mid- 70s. notice the winds though they are gusting to 24 and i think we need to kind of get our head around the fact that winds will
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stay gusty tonight, as well as during the day tomorrow for tuesday, looks like a terrific day, 75 degrees, paradise here right. wednesday, badly needed showers, possible, the best chance for showers wednesday, maybe from dc on south central virginia might see a better chance of seeing showers than central maryland thursday 71 degrees nice run of weather coming but we are exceptionally dry as we've talked about and while we have the sunny skies here comes a frontal system, but watch what happens as that moisture gets closer everything drying up might be a spotty shower in the high lands potentially but for us here locally just going to stay partly cloudy. good moisture down across the deep south later this week moisture could get tapped and sent in our direction wednesday afternoon. it would have a lot to do with the frontal system passing aside, this front will come through, later tonight, and be off the coast by tomorrow, so
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breezy behind it and a little less hot tomorrow maybe that is good news because today was really toasty no doubt about it, now there will be a wave that develops on this front that passes us by later tonight and tomorrow and could spread some showers in here, tapping someover that moisture i just showed you again a lot of the model guidance will get it only to dc we will have to keep fingers crossed we are terribly dry and really much of the area now considered to be in a moderate drought overnight breezy, mild, a few clouds, 63 degrees a beautiful night 2340 doubt about it winds out of the southwest, no doubt about it winds out of the southwest75, still above average which is 67 degrees. into a mild start in the morning unlike so many other mornings this april, noon we are 72 degrees by 5:00 p.m., 74 degrees, and a quick look at temperatures around the region tomorrow don't be shocked to see places like quantico still getting up to 80, 81 degrees,
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manassas, 75, and hagerstown 71, fredericksburg 77, and a little cooler near water, as it was today as well. here is your five day forecast feast your eyes on this yes we need rain and we have another chance for rain, later this week, this weekend, saturday, maybe even into sunday, possibility of showers and storms that might have some decent rain with it but we will have to keep our fingers crossed. >> remember tomorrow here in dc we will see the space shuttle discovery fly overhead. a fly over is scheduled between 10 and 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning to get the best view we have a full list of fly over spots on click on the hot topics bar and if you get a picture, fox 5 wants you to share it with us e-mail pictures to fox 5 news picks at g the wait almost over playoff hockey back in dc with the caps ready to rock the red in game three against the bruins, dave feldman live with the sports edge ♪
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hi everybody i am dave feldman live at verizon center as we get ready for play offer hockey game three -- playoff hockey game three. both games have been tight, both games have gone into overtime, and the series right now, could be anybody's because the caps have home ice again. nick backstrom appeared in his sext game saturday since suffering a concussion january 3rd earlier second overtime he changed the series, beating thomas for a game winner a 2-1 victory instead of coming home trailing 2 games to none it is tied 1 game a piece but change of venue will not make the task any easier. >> exciting to play, in front of your home crowd, i mean, but it is still a tough game, i mean i don't thing it matters
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if you play home or away, not a lot of chances out there, but your whole fans behind you. >> you see through the stanley cup playoffs the home team's record, is on the road, take advantage of our fans and get a first goal. goals have been hard to come by through two games, just 4 in 144 minutes, troy broward scored in game two but not pretty he knows what the team needs to do with captain ovechkin constantly shadowed wherever he goes. >> they are taking him away that opens up the other side for mike and nick to start shooting you got to have argute net presence and brook is a good guy for it, crash that net get pucks in the net and that is how we scored both our goals guys going to the net last game. all right to baseball now nats have won 5 of 6, second place national league, first of
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four tonight against the astros, and oh, by the way, steven straws burg is on the mound making his home debut for your washington nationals, good scenario, 23 years old has two road starts under his belt, 1 and 0 pitched 13 innings striking out 14, with an era of 0.69, he went six innings in his last start and got the win his nine strike outs accounting for half of the outs during his pregame today, the last question, johnson was asked about was his starting to day. >> what do you want to know about him? you going to see him shortly he is in a good frame of mind. throwing the ball good, i'm as anxious to see him as you are. >> we are all anxious, also he said he is giving danny the second baseman the day off, wizards waived guard, robert
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mason junior and signed altmon tonight wizards are playing against the bulls. 7:30 p.m. start tonight, as caps and bruins get ready to see who takes a commanding lead, 1-1 right now, braden hopi could be the key the 22-year-old back in net for your washington capitols much more tonight at 10:00 p.m. and news edge at 11 live from verizon center. >> thank now you have the news edge, back here at 11 ♪
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